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Silk Worm is revolutionizing the accessory world through our fashion-forward Silk Worm Designs. Each Scarf is customizable by use of the Original Silk Worm Drawstring and by highlighting signature features on each Scarf.

Here’s how it works: 

1.) Firstly, begin by opening up your Silk Worm Scarf to full length (you may need to unbutton and pull it through the built-in Holder to release).

2.) Each Scarf has a drawstring so begin by placing your Scarf around your neck with the drawstring facing out.

3.) Next, locate the Holder to be able to secure your scarf in place.  The Holder is an open-ended pull-through pocket and is likely located behind where the most artistic design is.  If you have purchased a Scarf with a Cowl, Collar, or Hood on it then place the Holder feature on your left shoulder.  Once you get familiar with you Silk Worm Scarf, play around with different styling options by having the Holder on your right shoulder and customize from there.

4.) Once you have located the Holder, place your hand into the Holder and pull the opposite Scarf panel through it so both scarf panels drape down.  The Scarf should now be secured around your neck.

5.) If you have a Cowl, Double Collar, or Hood Design, secure the loop onto the button found around the neckline to complete the look.  The Cowl and Collar can also be folded over to sculpturally adjust and tailor.

6.) Next, customize the amount of ruffle & length you desire by holding onto the drawstring(s) found at the bottom of the scarf panels and begin by moving the fabric panel(s) up the drawstring to the desired level. The flair and volume created can be added around the neck too by holding onto the drawstring and sliding the material found by each ear closer to behind the back of the neck.

7.) You can then let your drawstrings drape, tie them together, or do a loose slip knot on each one.

8.) To create a Wrap or “Infinity Scarf” look, simply do a full wrap with the Scarf, gather ruffle in the panels to join the drawstrings, and use the drawstring(s) to tie and secure.

9.) Each Silk Worm Scarf has unique design elements (i.e. snaps, buckles, zippers, buttons, etc,) so feel free to twist your scarf to show off the features.

For additional assistance, we have created a styling tips video for your viewing.

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