What makes Silk Worm Unique?

 Each Silk Worm Scarf is:    



~ECO-CONSCIOUS- since each piece starts from upcycled materials and is then artistically redesigned.

~SCULPTURAL- due to our Silk Worm Drawstring Design & Holder System which allow for styling, tailoring, and flair adjustment.

~INNOVATIVE ACCESSORY FASHIONsince we only use original designs and incorporate never before seen detailing.




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Let’s Get Creative to Cherish a Memory & to Send a Message


We have had many special requests to include personal materials and wording (i.e. a loved ones clothing, clothing that highlights a team, membership, or company) into scarf creations.   We are always honored to be able to create with such meaningful items and understand the importance of the pieces that are sent to us.  If you are interested in having personal material(s) included in your next piece, here are some helpful tips:

  • contact us at http://www.silkwormtextiles@gmail.com or give us a call at 414-861-6118 to discuss.
  • Browse our site and let us know what “style” (i.e. Cowl, Signature, Hooded, Fur) and your vision (i.e. a scarf with silver hardware, a more casual look, incorporating favorite colors, having custom wording added, etc.).
  • after contacting us, send us your pieces.  Materials with a stretch tend to work best. We often create with cotton and cotton blends. However, we understand that you may be limited in options so we will work with you to collaborate on making what you have work.  Oftentimes, we will add materials that we have in stock  so we can create a complete look along with your items.  Per your request, we will send back any unused materials.

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