Custom Creations

Pictured is of the newest custom order that Silk Worm completed! The original materials that the customer sent were special pieces of her mother, father, and aunt. She held onto these pieces for many years and then felt it was time to incorporate them into a scarf that she can cherish and wear to preserve their memory. Materials provided included jewelry, gloves, fur, and handkerchiefs. What an honor to be able to recreate something new from personal pieces that are woven with such love and memories!

More testaments and information on our custom created scarves ❤️:

“I love all of the scarves and can’t wait to hand them out. Thank you for your hard work and creativity as well as all of the love and caring that went in to each one. I will be having more made soon. And I will hand your cards out to all of my clients letting them know how incredible your work is and how touched I am by your kindness. Thank you again. I don’t have the words to express how touched I am!”   ~Teresa

“My scarves arrived and are awesome, just as I knew they would be! Your workmanship and attention to detail is outstanding. Thank you so much for creating these for me!” ~Debbie

One of the greatest and rewarding experiences as a Designer for Silk Worm is to be able to open a package of personal clothing items that a customer has sent, and to then recreate them into new Silk Worm Scarf Pieces. Having personal items included allows for the memory of the items to remain preserved in a new fashionable way!

As Silk Worm Designers, we will work with you on finding your sense of style and vision for incorporating your personal items. Such items have included clothing from hobbies & interests, children’s sports shirts, and items from a loss of a loved one. The sky is the limit as to how we can collaborate and create something unique and special for you!
A custom order can range from one Silk Worm Scarf created to multiples. In addition, we can include as much of our Silk Worm design materials as needed and combo them with your personal items to complete the look.

In regards to pricing and ordering, it does not cost more to include your pieces and their are multiple style options for you to choose from (i.e. Swag Style $74, Signature Style $68, Cowl Style $84, Hooded $110). You simply just ship us your items and upon completion we will even send back any unused materials for your keepsake.

To place an order or for more info, please email, call or text 414-861-6118 or send a Facebook message at
Pictured is of the newest custom order that Silk Worm completed! See from the original materials sent to the two scarves that were created!

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